Personal Data Processing Rules at Auto

1. Information about
1.1. The Controller of your personal data is Marzena Popiela running a business activity Marzena Popiela Auto Marpo, tax identification number (NIP) 895 104 11 32, with its registered office in Wrocław 51-21, ul. Danuty Siedzikówny 18. These rules apply to the processing of personal data of visitors to the website, hereinafter the (“website”), in particular the registered users, hereinafter the (“users”), and AutoMarpo customers, who place orders via the website, hereinafter the (“customers”).
1.2. Marzena Popiela AutoMarpo is the Data Controller and defines the purpose and means of personal data processing.
1.3. The Data Controller Marzena Popiela AutoMarpo has appointed a Data Protection Officer: Marzena Popiela, e-mail, phone no. 71 329 61 04. 

2. What personal data do we process?
2.1. Data provided by customers. We process personal data of AutoMarpo users and customers. First of all, we process personal data provided during the registration on or during the order placement process.
2.2. This data includes, in particular, the e-mail address of the customer, the full name, address, telephone number and payment details. If you wish, you can also include additional information, such as the address of your employer or a note about possible delivery dates.
2.3. Data collected by cookies. In order to better target our advertising campaigns and improve the product and service offer, AutoMarpo uses information about products purchased by our customers. If you have enabled cookies in your browser and consented to their use, AutoMarpo obtains information about your visits, viewing of products and other activities on the website.
2.4. AutoMarpo does not collect or process otherwise sensitive personal data, including information about your health, religion, etc. 

3. Purpose of personal data processing
3.1. To process your order, we use your name and contact details. Data processing in this case includes all activities such as registration, payment and delivery of goods ordered. If you do not provide your contact details, AutoMarpo will not be able to handle your order.
3.2. AutoMarpo primarily uses electronic mail to offer customers the products we sell. In this case, we send a commercial message about products related to the goods you have already purchased at Data processing in accordance with AutoMarpo’s legitimate purposes, in the form of limited direct marketing, does not require your consent for such business communication. However, you may unsubscribe at any time of subscription. You can give your consent at the time of registration or later in the user account settings. You can cancel your consent at any time by clicking the appropriate link in each business message or in the user account settings. If you withdraw your consent, you will not receive commercial messages.
3.3. AutoMarpo primarily uses the e-mail address to offer our products and promote AutoMarpo in the form of business messages sent to users. In this case, the processing is carried out only on the basis of consent, which is completely voluntary, and even if no consent is given, you can continue to fully use our website. You can give your consent during registration on or later in the user account settings. You can cancel your consent at any time by clicking the appropriate link in each business message or in the user account settings.
3.4. AutoMarpo uses cookies to improve website visitors experience and to better target advertising and to promote AutoMarpo. The processing is possible only on the basis of the User’s consent to use relevant cookies. This consent is entirely voluntary. On the basis of the above data obtained by AutoMarpo, statistics, analyses and reports on the behaviour of website users, it is possible to better target the advertising and adapt the content of the website. The website will be adapted to suit the users’ interests.
3.5. In order to provide a professional customer service, we may use your username and email address in the chat window on the website. By filling in the information, you consent to the processing of your data. We no longer use your name and email address, when the chat is started. 

4. Withdrawal of consent and discontinuation of commercial communication
 4.1. Business communication. Both AutoMarpo users and customers can withdraw from the business messages at any time by sending notification stating that they do not consent to the processing of personal data in the AutoMarpo online store at, or by other means of communication, e.g. the phone number provided above.
4.2. Cookies. If you want to disable cookies on your device, you can change the settings directly in your browser. If you disable the AutoMarpo cookies, some parts of the website may not function properly.

5. Who has access to the data?
5.1. Personal data is processed by AutoMarpo Marzena Popiela and the employees. All persons who have access to personal data have the duty of confidentiality, and this duty survives even after the cooperation with AutoMarpo is terminated.
5.2. The AutoMarpo Controller allows the processing of personal data by other entities, the processors. The processor means any entity that processes personal data for AutoMarpo, for the purposes and in the manner specified by AutoMarpo. If your consent is required for processing, we transfer your data to the processors only if you have given your consent. We only provide such data to the processors that they need to render their services. The processors using AutoMarpo data include: Transport companies Payment companies Internet marketing companies 

6. How long do we process the data?
6.1. Auto Marpo processes personal data to carry out the contract, for the duration of the order, including payment for and delivery of goods. In accordance with the law, AutoMarpo retains some of the data included in the accounting documents.
6.2. Business messages are sent to users for as long as they give their consent for sending them. Commercial e-mails will be sent to customers until the time they are no longer accepted or objection is made to the processing of data for this purpose. At the longest, however, the business e-mails will be sent for 10 years.
6.3. Data obtained for marketing purposes by means of cookies is processed by AutoMarpo throughout the entire time you use cookies, meaning you allow cookies to be stored in your browser or until you object to data processing for this purpose.
6.4. Further processing of personal data beyond the dates specified can be carried out by AutoMarpo only when it is necessary to fulfil the obligations resulting from the legal regulations applicable to AutoMarpo 

7. What are your rights?
7.1. In connection with the processing of your personal data, you can contact AutoMarpo and ask for: Information about AutoMarpo personal data processes, purposes and nature of personal data processing, including information about potential recipients of personal data outside Automarpo. General information about the processing of personal data is contained in these Rules. . Access to data provided to Automarpo during the registration or order creation process. AutoMarpo should confirm whether and which personal data specifically is processed, and that finally access will be given to this data. Rectification of personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete. AutoMarpo can handle your order correctly only if it has your current data. Clarification and removal of defective states (e.g. blocking, correction, supplementing or removal of personal data), if you believe AutoMarpo processes personal data in violation of the protection of the personal and private life or in conflict with the law. Deletion of personal data (the right to be forgotten) or limited processing of data when they are no longer necessary for the purpose, or if AutoMarpo no longer has legal grounds to process personal data, including where it is not consented to further processing. Meeting these conditions, AutoMarpo will delete all or part of your data. Transfer of automatically processed personal data obtained on the basis of your consent to another entity, that provides AutoMarpo with personal data in a commonly used format or to other administrators in accordance with own wishes.
7.2. Furthermore, AutoMarpo’s customers may object to the processing of personal data in the event of sending business messages or evaluation of purchase preferences, as a result of which AutoMarpo will immediately stop processing personal data for these purposes.
7.3. In addition to the above privileges, you can also contact AutoMarpo with a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Office. 

8. Safety
8.1. AutoMarpo takes care of the security of your data. Handling of your personal data is in full compliance with applicable law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). AutoMarpo puts great emphasis on technical and organizational security of data during personal data processing.
8.2. Personal data the in electronic form is stored in databases to which only authorised persons have access. Access to personal data is protected by a password. Security of personal data is regularly tested by AutoMarpo and we are constantly improving our protection measures. 

9. Contact
9.1. If you have any comments on the processing of your personal data, you can contact Automarpo by e-mail or phone 71 329 61 04, 697 771 574. 10. Final provisions 10.1. These Rules become effective on 23 May 2018.

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